So that’s it,as the sun sets over the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow after 64 compelling and sometimes controversial matches producing 169 goals,219 yellow cards,4 reds and 49651 passes it’s all over with France prevailing over the plucky Croatia 4-2 in perhaps a fitting final to a tournament full of shocks,talking points and the dreaded VAR sticking its nose in.

But enough about the actual football,the only thing that really matters is who won what in #SparkysWorldCup2018…thanks for all that took part,interacted and engaged and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did 👊🏽

So,without any further ado,here are the results (I’ve double checked them all and had SWMBO go through them as well so pretty sure they are correct)…

WINNER … @hippyadam (France) —– £75

Runner up … @sparkyrite (Croatia)— £35

Worst team in group stage … @weordie (Panama)— £10

Worst discipline in tournament … @sparkyrite (Croatia (75points))— £10

Highest scoring team in group stages … @ldfades (Belgium (9))— £5

Quickest booking … @tribod (Mexico- Gallardo v Sweden 1min)— £5

Quickest goal … @thenaughtyjay (Denmark (Jorgensen) v Croatia 1min)— £5

Latest goal in “normal” time… @hopsandhoops (Brazil (neymar) v Costa Rica 97min)—-£5

Teams involved in game with most corners…@Ldfades and @bobmiester2k (Belgium v Japan (16))… £5 each

So there we have it,I’ll sort payment asap… congrats to all that won something back and commiserations to those that didn’t but it’s the taking part that really counts 😉.

I’m off for a lie down in a darkened room after all that and I’ll see you all for

#SparkysEuros2020 …if not sooner 🤔



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