So,it’s been 24 hours since the live event (if you missed it or just want to keep looking at my handsome face there’s a link here. -> https://www.pscp.tv/w/bewJtjIzMDQ3OTl8MW1uR2VveUxsck54WOl2B_9-qQafyl-Cx_8S5TDqnRvlzaBoHndr-Qo1O1zH )…and the dust has now settled and people have had time to digest the outcome (for better or worse 😂) and start to get hyped for the start of the tournament which is now less than 5 days away!!

Here’s a list of the teams/names of all involved :-

Argentina – @Gray_1x

Australia – @Tibbsy010

Belgium – @Ldfades

Brazil – @hopsandhoops

Colombia – @littlesthomebrw

Costa Rica – @satysss

Croatia – @sparkyrite

Denmark – @thenaughtyjay

Egypt – @rickinyorkshire

England – @gazzaboyo

France – @hippyadam

Germany – @dr_kronenbourg

Iceland – @markmonkeyyoung

Iran – @richpierce0079

Japan – @bobmeister2k

Mexico – @tribod

Morocco – @mrwalkerporter

Nigeria – @303chimp

Panama – @weordie

Peru – @pointsofbrew

Poland – @hayjaney

Portugal – @mojomarm

Russia – @scuj1

Saudi Arabia – @dh1by

Senegal – @jongraham82

Serbia – @300thirds

South Korea – @thealelady

Spain – @loko1912

Sweden – @thegreatcubbio

Switzerland – @myleslambert

Tunisia – @jennorocks

Uruguay – @beeroclockshow



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