Ok,here are the rules (pretty standard for those that have joined in my previous sweeps) :-

Entrance fee will be the usual £5 per team (limited to one team per person unless any left at end) and payable to me through PayPal or possibly other ways (BACS or something…definitely not sexual favours)…All teams to be picked at random…names in one pot,teams in another (obviously😂)

Will draw a name first then a team for that name (if I can get Periscope to work I’ll hopefully do the draw live )

Should be straightforward providing I put all the names and teams in 😂😂


total pot of £160 (if all teams bought) and have tried to come up with categories that will keep interest for most throughout the tournament and even if you pick a lesser team there will be a chance of a win
Winner of tournament = £75

Runner up of tournament = £35

Worst team of group stages (worst goal difference,if tied least goals scored then on most cards) = £10

Worst discipline in tournament (yellow 5point,straight red 10points,sent off for 2 yellows 15points) = £10

Highest scoring team in group stages (if ties then best GD,if still tied then earliest goal scored) = £5

Quickest booking =£ 5

Team that scores quickest goal in normal time= £5

Team that scores latest goal in normal time = £5

Both teams that are involved in the match with most corners (if a tie occurs winning match will be the one with the highest amount for one team (if that makes any sense 😂) = 2 x £5

Hoping that lot will provide a bit of fun and interest for everyone kind enough to join in

Thanks for joining in!


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