#12BeersOfXmas 2016

Day 12


10% Belgian Amber

Pours a lovely deep chestnut brown with a small creamy head…and the aroma matches the tastes…all toffee,malty goodness and a little boozy banana with a slight drying bitterness on the finish…a lovely,satisfying and complex beer …
…and so that’s it,all over for another year

So,2016 has been a really challenging year for the world in “real” life but in the beer world it’s been it’s been a cracker,some great beers being produced,the beer world seemingly getting smaller as overseas beers that have been difficult to get in the past becoming easier (slightly) to get and the British beer scene/breweries going from strength to strength even challenging,and in some cases,surpassing the “big boys” from over the pond.

On a personal note,I too have had a great beer journey through 2016,had some great beery adventures in Aberdeen (Brewdog AGM),Newcastle (Craft Beer Calling) and Barcelona (weekend with SWMBO,so not as much fun 😉),met a load of people I had only  previously “met” through social media (and every single one was a pleasure to met in real life, proof of the old adage the “beer folk are good folk”)  who I now class as real friends and even a shambolic guest appearance on the now sadly departed Beer o’clock show podcast and a regular appearance 😉 on its evolution into the excellent Hopinions podcast co presented by the captain of the this fine ship Steve (@beeroclockshow) and  his new partner in crime Martin (@mjpo007).

So all that’s left is for me to wish you and your families a happy,healthy and beery 2017

…..and see you next year for #12BeersOfXmas 2017!!!


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