#12BeersOfXmas 2016

Day 3


Whiskey barrel aged imperial stout – 10%
Well,if the real joy of Xmas lies in the giving,then my good friend Simon from over the waves ( @Tibbsy010 on the twitter) must be as festive as festive can be as it’s him I have to thank for sending me today’s entrant in the lineup…cheers pal! 👊🏽

This is an impy stout from Galway Bay Brewery that’s been aged in the rum barrels used by Teeling to make their whiskey and, I believe,an annual release.

Another easily opened wax seal,gives up a lovely deep chocolate and whiskey aroma straight out the bottle.

The almost black,treacle like liquid slides in to the glass seductively producing a thin tan coloured head that just begs you to dive straight in with all the aroma of whiskey,vanilla and chocolate caressing your nostrils like a gentle lover.

The beer itself is no let down either,all dark chocolate,coffee and vanilla encased in a wonderful whiskey warmth that’s neither harsh or overpowering just beautifully balanced, which is added to by the decadently luxurious mouthfeel.

I’ve not seen a lot of their stuff over here but will definitely look out for it, and will be all over next years release of this beer for sure!


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