#12BeersOfXmas 2016

And so it begins…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…or so the song would have us believe,yet it makes no mention (surely just an oversight ) of the now legendary #12beersofxmas , brainchild of and loosely overseen by Steve from the @beeroclockshowpods podcast.

For the uninitiated it’s a simple thing to get involved with (the hardest part for most is choosing the final 12 it seems 😂)…just pick 12 beers to drink over the festive period,then drinking one a day and using whatever social media format you like (blogs,Instagram,twitter etc. use the hashtag #12beersofxmas ) just post em up and join in the conversations,we are a friendly bunch honest!

My final 12 –

Well,that’s enough guff…into the first beer!
DAY 1 


Imperial stout -12.6%

A lovely presented bottle with a wax seal that was easily removed (that makes a refreshing change 😉)

With the cap off the aroma is all about vanilla , it pours seemingly slightly thin,jet black in colour with a few brave caramel coloured bubbles making a valiant effort at clinging together to form a head,but they quickly succumb down into the depths of the delicious darkness.

The flavour is all about the vanilla as well,along with some chocolate and a hint of coffee,yet doesn’t end up being too sweet,with a lovely smooth silky mouthfeel this is a superb drink that hides the ABV extremely well…can’t wait to try this one again with some ageing on it.


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