Ok,here are the rules :-

All teams to be picked at random…names in one pot,teams in another (obviously😂)

Will draw a name first then a team for that name (if I can get Periscope to work I’ll hopefully do the draw live on Friday night (27th))

Should be straightforward providing I put all the names and teams in 😂😂

total pot of £120 and have tried to come up with categories that will keep interest for most throughout the tournament and even if you pick a lesser team there will be a chance of a win
Winner of tournament = £50

Runner up of tournament = £25

Worst team in group (worst goal difference,if tied least goals scored then on most cards) = £10

Worst discipline in tournament (yellow 5point,straight red 10points,sent off for 2 yellows 15points) = £10

Highest scoring team in group stages = £5

Team of highest goal scorer of tournament =£ 5

Most beards (not counting scruffy stubble,moustaches or fancy goatees) in starting lineup = £5

Team that scores quickest goal = £5

Team that scores latest goal in normal time = £5
Hoping that lot will provide a bit of fun and interest for everyone kind enough to join in

Thanks for joining in!


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