#12beersofxmas #day12

Beer : Christmas Snowball

Style : Stout

Brewery : Waen brewery

ABV : 7%

Well,that’s it then for another year..the tinsle has started to droop,the batteries have run down in the annoying singing reindeer that your kid thought amusing when they were younger but now just winds everyone up with its screeching repetitiveness,just the toffee’s left in the bottom of the choccy tub and even sadder than that…it’s the end of the road for #12beersofxmas 2015 but what I ride it’s been!!!

From the very first blog post (which I believe may have been mine) early in December to the very last beautifully constructed picture on Instagram it’s been an absolute joy to be a part of..some fantastic beers have been enjoyed and, maybe more importantly,been discovered and chatted about with old friends and new.

Huge thanks have to go again to Steve of @thebeeroclockshow for steering this lumbering ship through safe waters,and with nearly 50 regular contributors blogging and posting pictures it’s been quite the task but he’s stuck to it resolutely and held us all together…Cheers pal !

So,to my final beer for this years set…and in keeping with tradition (if you can call two years a tradition ๐Ÿ˜‰) I’m finishing with this Xmas offering from the wonderful (and Welsh ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ) Waen Brewery.

This year it’s a spin on their quality Snowball stout which they’ve laced with advocaat.

The beer glugs out a thick jet black with dark chocolate and a hint of vanilla on the nose,forming a thin toffee coloured head that lies and basks on top of the beer like someone settling down on the sofa for a nap after Xmas lunch.

In amongst the roasted malts,dark chocolate and light coffee flavours the coconut makes its presence felt but doesn’t outstay it’s welcome and the advocaat plays around the edges like a naughty school kid throwing snowballs from behind a hedge.

It’s a beautifully balanced stout and belies its ABV,another triumph from Sue and the gang!

Well,that really is it then I guess…all that remains for me to do is wish you and your families a happy,healthy and safe 2016!
Same time next year?… COUNT ME IN!


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