#12daysofxmas #day10

Beer : Adriaen Brouwer Winter Wood 2016

Style : Belgian Dubbel

Brewery: Brouwerij Roman

ABV : 10%


…and the finishing line is now in sight,but approaching with mixed feelings…glad that I won’t have to blog anymore( I’m assuming you’re all glad that you won’t have to read em either 😂😂) but sad that it’s nearly over as its been great reading about (some quality pics to look at too!) and discovering a new level of beery goodness and some great new blogs to follow through the coming year!

Well,on to the beer then. . . 

This beer is brewed by Brouwerij Roman,reputed to be the oldest brewery in Belgium,with the same family brewing on the same site in Oudenaarde since 1545… 14 generations!!

The name Adriaen Brouwer (which means “Brewer”) is of an artist from Oudenaarde in the 17th century

It’s beautiful packaged in a paper wrapped bottle and topped with a cork making it look like a real special beer,ideal for such an endeavour such as the #12beersofxmas!

It’s a limited edition whisky oaked dark beer which I could smell as soon as the cork was popped. It pours a delicious deep red and produces a lovely thick caramel coloured head that lingers.

The taste is all dark spice and malts,with Xmas pudding and coffee notes as well as the tinges of whisky that play around your tongue with the aid of the perfect carbonation…a real festive Xmas cracker and a lovely big bottle of it as well!


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