#12beersofxmas #Day11

Beer: Moose Fang (Armagnac barrel aged)

Style : imperial brown ale

Brewery: Beavertown,Bellwood

ABV : 9%

Firstly an apology,I had planned to do “a vertical” today of Ola Dubh going from the 12 right up to a 21,the later of which was kindly sent to me by my digital friend and captain of the good ship #12beersofxmas Mr. Steve (thanks again pal πŸ‘ŠπŸ½) but illness has unfortunately struck today (only a cold..well,you know,manflu πŸ˜‰) but wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do the four justice so they’ll go into storage for next year…it’s all in the planning πŸ˜‚

That’s enough of my mundane moaning and onto the important business of the night…the substitute beer!

And what a beer to bring off the bench…this is a collaboration between the always fantastic Beavertown and Bellwood,a brewery from Canada that met at a Canadian beer festival back in 2013 and finally got round to brewing together at Beavertowns place in 2015. This beer is half a batch,the first was dry hopped and released and this half was racked away in Armgnac barrels and released,I believe, just before Xmas.

As soon as the cap is popped a lovely burst of Armagnac is released and the beer pours a lovely dark brown (unsurprisingly given its a brown ale πŸ˜‚) almost black with a thin off white head that slinks back into the beer almost as quickly as it appeared.

The taste is all boozy dark fruits,chewy toffee and chocolate with a slight hint of vanilla and a lovely warming boozyness (if there is such a word) that’s like pulling up an armchair in front of roaring log fire.

It’s a beautiful beer and just wish I’d picked another up to age for next year


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