#12beersofxmas #day9

Beer : Undead Party Crasher

Style : Imperial Stout

Brewery : Clown Shoes

ABV : 10%

Had a real tough decision tonight picking which beer to drink,it was between this and…well,that would be telling as I’m sure at least one of the other choices will feature in the dwindling days we have left in this years festivities.

So,tonight’s choice is another from “across the pond” and another stout. It’s from the well regarded Clown Shoes Brewery from Massachusetts and comes in at a hefty 10%

First thing to mention is the artwork on the bottle which is quite unique,and reading the blog about the beer on the website there’s quite a bit of controversy surrounding the name … turns out when it was first produced it was called Vampire Slayer but another brewery had already registered the name previously (even though they hadn’t produced anything and when they did it was a pale ale) so rather than go through expensive litigation they changed the name to Undead Party Crasher. Also another unusual note about the beer is that it’s brewed with holy water!

The beer unsurpringly for an imperial stout pours a thick jet black with a thin tan head that doesn’t last long,sweet toffee and smoke are distinctive on the nose. Tastewise,it’s all dark caramel,smoke and dark chocolate with carbonation enough to fizz on the tongue.

Another quality stout drunk this Xmas !


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