#12beersofxmas #day7

The Great Impy Stout Off

Beers : Heavy Water , Black Eyed King Imp

Brewery : Beavertown , Brewdog

ABV : 9% , 12.7%

After a random chat on Twitter last night with two of my digital drinking buddies @tibbsy010 and @mr_bridger about which was the better impy stout of these two I thought….it’s Xmas…I have these two in the stash…so why not try them back to back and decide which is the best!

First up was Beavertowns Heavy Water…coming in at 9%…it pours a jet black (somewhat unsurpringly) with a creamy  head that doesn’t hang around. It’s a lovely smooth sup that hides it’s ABV  really well…all bitter dark chocolate with  slight cherry notes and hints of salt around the edges that really make a difference… A strong start !!

Next up was Brewdogs King Impy with Vietnamese coffee coming in at 12%…again this pours jet black but with a caramel coloured head that again disappears in quicktime. This does taste like its a 12% beer but none the worse for that,the coffee really does come through but it remains in balance… Another strong showing!

So,I guess it’s time to decide (which was the point of this rambling post I guess 😂)…

Packaging : Beavertown 1 Brewdog 0

How it looks in the glass : Beavertown 0 Brewdog 1

Taste : Beavertown 1 Brewdog 1

So,it’s a draw…both are superb brews #onthefence


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