#12beersofxmas #day3

Beer : Fusion (2014)

Style : Barrel aged old ale

ABV : 8%

  So more rain,still under pressure in work and really not feeling festive at all but my nights are filled with lovely beeryness thanks to you all taking part in #12beersofxmas,so early in the venture but some fantastic pics and some great reading in the blogs,good work everybody 👊🏽.
My beer tonight was one of my long list and a beer I picked up a few months ago from one of my regular haunts in Bristol,a great little homebrew/bottle shop called  Brewers Droop.

I was in a rush when calling in one day,saw it and just put it on the counter as I’d not seen it before,it sounded fantastic being an old ale aged in Somerset Cider Brandy barrels and I trust Moor Beer but naively didn’t even look at the price.

I picked a few other bits and pieces up and it wasn’t until I got back to the car and thought “that was a lot for those few bottles” that i realised I’d spent £13 on it, so there was then no question I was keeping it to feature in this.

The pours out of the bottle an intensely dark brown,almost black,lying somewhere between a stout and porter for thickness with thin,off white head that makes an attempt at staying around but soon gives in to the seductive call of the beer.

The taste is of a deliciously decadent Xmas pudding,lavishly drenched the brandy,slightly carbonated and silky smooth…it’s a beer in a  lovely big 660ml bottle to sip and enjoy,which I have over this last hour and a bit…an absolute delight


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