#12beersofxmas #day1

…and so it begins. . .

Straight into the thick of things,and this year I’m starting with a beer that didn’t even feature in my original “long list”,but thought it would be ideal to kick off this year’s 12 as I think it epitomises all that I enjoy within my small world of craftwankery…great beer and great people!

Let me explain…

I’ve not met anybody I chat to about beer on Twitter/Instagram/untappd in “real” life,let alone enjoyed a beer or three with,but all that I’ve digitally met have been friendly,helpful and well informed (well,certainly more than me ) and this beer sums that up perfectly.

I saw one of my Twitter “pals”, a certain Mr @greg1954 of this parish, raving about the beer,and had a chat where he filled me in on the interesting Art Brew brewery and extolled the virtues of this beer. I mentioned I’d looked around online to buy with no luck ,and he very kindly offered not only to source one for me but to post it me as well,and more to the point wouldn’t accept any reimbursement!! (Obviously I will return the gesture in the future,hopefully being able to source something special to repay the kindness).

So,as I’m sat here,sipping a delicious beer,surrounded by the twinkling tawdry trappings of Xmas,I’m reminded that the real spirit of Xmas is still about,and the old adage of “beer people are good people ” really is true.

In the words of Tiny Tim…god bless us,everyone 😉
So,I guess I should mention the beer 😂

It’s Christmas Tree Beer brewed by Art Brew.

It comes in at 6%,pours a lovely hazy golden Amber..all pine trees on the nose straight out of the bottle,and a delightfully smooth ginger and pine hit to the bottom of the glass,it states on the label it’s made from actual Xmas trees,and I for one believe em!!

Thanks once again Greg 👊🏽🎄🍻

Cheers all!


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