It’s the most wonderful time of the year…or so the song goes and I have to confess I am a bit of a big kid about Xmas…not the run up,or the frantic racking of brain and trawling shops/internet fretting over what to buy people,but as soon as the day arrives and I can log off work for a week or so and get into some serious beers and relaxation (hopefully),and since losing my 12beers virginity last year I’ve been looking forward to getting involved in this again almost as much as the occasion itself.

For those inintiated,it’s a casual coming together over Twitter and Instagram of some like minded,friendly craftwankers ,overseen and I believe conceptualised by Steve from the @beeroclockshow podcast,beginning on the 20th of December (of course!) and the idea is to pick 12 beers(or maybe more…don’t think the actual number is set in stone) to drink over the next 12 days.

As I said earlier,last year was my first and,to be honest I was a little rushed and nieve in my selection and went with mostly Xmas themed beers which turned out to be fairly underwhelming (with the odd stand out exception) but was great to see others selections and join in with some great unpretentious beery chat.

There’s also a friendly competion run in conjunction over on Instagram where you just take a pic of your beer and if Steve judges it to be the best of the day you get to win the highly coveted,festively decorated (and now ledgendary) big box of nothing!

Well,that’s a bit of history out the way,now on to this year…

I’ve had all year to think of the beers I wanted to include and have been picking up a few throughout the year,which has left me with the delicious dilemma of having too many to choose from!

Below is the “squad” I have to pick from,there’s a few that will definately be in there (I’m going to do the 4 differently aged olah dubh’s on one day) but pretty undecided on most of them and don’t even get me started on the order of drinking them !…their may even be one or two late entries as I’ve got another delivery on the way šŸ˜‰

Any thoughts,comments on what should be definately in the final selection will be most welcome.

So,I guess that’s it,it’s nearly upon us…it’s a bit of fun with a great bunch of people and will keep you entertained all over the Yule..C’mon get involved!!


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